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2020 - Volume 14, Issue 2

Issue published: 26 August 2020
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Research Articles

  • Kenneth Houston,Webster University Thailand
Abstract Although the most recent manifestation of conflict in Rakhine can be traced to the coordinated attack on Myanmar security forces in August 2017 by Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (hereafter ARSA), it goes without saying that the problem has a longer history. For this paper a corpus of official...
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  • Jan Slavíček,The Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Abstract The study is based on the concept of Huntington's civilizations. They were used as a methodological basis for an analysis of the changes in their geopolitical power between 1995–2020 with the following conclusions: 1) The large population growth of 1995-2020 has been driven primarily by African,...
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  • Radka Havlová,CEVRO Institute, Prague
Abstract The article examines the development of the relations between China and Qatar since the ‘Qatar blockade’ in June 2017. Both Qatar and China view themselves as strategic partners and their relations are developing on the diplomatic and political level as well as in the field of economy...
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Book Reviews

Valentine M. Moghadam: Globalization and Social Movements: Islamism, Feminism, and the Global Justice Movement
  • Alina Shymanska,Seoul National University, Department of Political Science and International Relations
Despite this book not being a recent publication, the various issues that it brings to the table are still relevant topics for debates within academia. Globalization and Social Movements: Islamism, Feminism, and the Global Justice Movement by Valentine M. Moghadam examines three cases of three transnational...
Peter Gill, Mark Phythian: Intelligence in an Insecure World
  • Nikolozi Abzhandadze,Metropolitan University Prague
In a world which is increasingly becoming more reliant on technology and interconnectedness, we must ask ourselves, what dangers may this rapid advancement in technology and communications could potentially pose? With these advancements comes further growth of intelligence agencies and their powers but...
Anders Corr: Great Powers, Grand Strategies: The New Game in the South China Sea
  • Imane Hmiddou,Metropolitan University Prague
China is accused of not respecting International Law by illegally taking islands in the South China Sea. This implies that the country profits from all the goods in the area and consequently, neighbour states are directly affected by this act. PRC is legitimizing its acts by historical narratives which...