(Last update: 3 September 2023)

The purpose of thematic sections is to contribute to the existing or emerging academic debates that converge and intersect with the aims and scope of CEJISS. Thematic sections are organised around a predefined topic.

  • Calls for contributions to particular thematic sections are launched by the CEJISS Editorial Team. They are announced via the CEJISS website and the CEJISS Twitter account.
    • If you would like to initiate and guest edit a thematic section, please consider turning your idea into a fully-fledged special issue. Thematic sections are organised by the CEJISS Editorial Team in order to advance the Journal’s thematic profile. If you continue to believe your idea is particularly suitable to the framework of special sections, please contact the CEJISS Editorial Team.
  • Length of contributions: 4,000-8,000 words (including abstract, references, footnotes)
  • While shorter in their length and more polemic and essayistic in their character, thematic section contributions are considered research articles. Hence, they are peer-reviewed, following the double-blind policy and other principles stemming from the CEJISS Ethical Guidelines. CEJISS Editorial Teams aims to ensure a prompt peer-review process of thematic section contributions and their timely publication.

Contributions to thematic sections may include the following types of articles.

  • Standard research articles whose ambitions, research goal and framework are adjusted to the length of thematic section contributions (4,000-8,000 words). Papers with a strong narrative are particularly encouraged.
  • Sophisticated academic essays (op-eds) that develop or build on the existing theoretical repertoire of International Relations (or closely related disciplines), offer a clear argument and contribute to academic debates.

Articles that lie between the two aforementioned types of papers are also welcomed. In any case, thematic section contributions should be of a scholarly character. They should engage with current debates, controversies and emerging topics relevant for International Relations and Security Studies or important trends and dynamics impacting the current state of international politics, including but not limited to politics in/of/across Central and Eastern Europe. Brief commentaries, policy papers or short reviews are not suitable.

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