Geographically, Indonesia has a high degree of possibility regarding natural disasters. As a state internal security keeper, the Indonesian Air Force should be in the front-line in dealing with natural disasters in line with the mandate of Law Number 34 of 2004, which is "protecting the whole nation and the whole of Indonesia's blood from threats and disruption to the integrity of the nation and state". The facts that occur in the field, the Indonesian Air Force still has some problems related to synergy with other institutions and agencies and the lack of defense equipment management. This study employs a descriptive analysis method with a specific data collection technique to validate the findings of this study. Thus, the findings of this study are the Indonesia Air Force need a disaster response SOP, need to enhance the capability and strength of defense equipment, need to establish a permanent unit for disaster management within the Air Force's organisational structure and establishing contingency budget allocations for the Air Force that are sufficient to carry out OMSP in order to support the TNI's main tasks. With these steps, a positive synergy will be realised in the operation in the disaster area between all stakeholder involved ultimately give a good impact to the national stability.


Keywords: air force, natural disaster, standard operational procedure, synergy, national stability.