The society’s need for law in the modern era is increasing; therefore, the need for Law graduates is increasing as well. Professions in the field of law are professions that appeal to many people in Indonesia. One of the reasons is because this profession is considered a profession with an income that belongs to the highest five income in Indonesia.

One of the important aspects of realizing ASEAN Economic Community is the law aspect. Legal higher education becomes an essential supporting element in producing law experts.

Legal higher education in Indonesia as well as in other ASEAN countries must prepare themselves in the era of ASEAN Economic Community. This must be done because the law systems which are applied in the ASEAN countries are different from one another. The law applied in one country is definitely different from that in another country. This will cause a particular problem in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community.


Pan Lindawaty Suherman Sewu is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Maranatha Christian University Bandung.