Incheon, South Korea: The Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea, the primary airport serving the Seoul National Capital Area, on August 24 2013 in Seoul

ABSTRACT: This work seeks to reveal differences in the understanding of the concept of security between the EU and the Association of South East Asian States (ASEAN) and to adequately account for such differences. This work considers that ASEAN qualifies as a nascent security community confirming that the comparison to the EU is legitimate. The EU is presented as a community of states which puts heavy significance on human security, whereas security referent object in case of ASEAN is the state. As a result of the need to conceptually comprehend those differences, this work introduces a new category of security communities: the individual security community and fits it to the current typology of security communities.

KEYWORDS: EU, ASEAN, Security, Security Community, Human Security