(Last update: 5 July 2024)

CEJISS welcomes academics, students and the interested public to contribute to our book review section. Our book review editor will forward you your book selection -- free of charge -- on condition that you submit a book review within two months of receiving the book. CEJISS welcomes book reviews for books not listed below, though please contact our book review editor to ensure your selected book corresponds with the themes covered by CEJISS. Once you have prepared your review, you can submit it to our book review editor or via our submission form.

Book review manuscripts are not peer-reviewed by external reviewers.



Abrams, Nathan Norman Podhoretz and Commentary Magazine: The rise and fall of the Neocons Continuum
Bradshaw, Michael; Boersma, Tim Natural Gas Polity
Bressler, Michael L. (ed.) Understanding Contemporary Russia Rienner
Carlson Brian G., Thränert O. (eds.) Strategic Trends 2021 Center for Security Studies (note: the publication is available online)
Castex, Raoul Strategic Theories Naval Institute Press
Deni, John R. Coalition of the Unwilling and Unable: European Realignment and the Future of American Geopolitics University of Michigan Press
Dodds, Klaus; Nuttall, Mark The Scramble for the Poles Polity
Dragnea, Mihai et al. (eds.) Aspects of Islamic Radicalization in the Balkans After the Fall of Communism Peter Lang
Ervine, Kate Carbon Polity
Gassanly, Murad A History of International Oil Politics: Theoretical Perspectives and Case Studies (PDF only) Academica Press
Hale, Thomas; Held, David Beyond Gridlock Polity
Heck, Timothy; Friedman, B. A. (eds.) On Contested Shores: The Evolving Role of Amphibious Operations in the History of Warfare MCUP
Howard-Hossmann, Rhoda E. In Defense of Universal Human Rights Polity
Hulme, Mike  Can science fix climate change? Polity
Huo, Jingjing How Nations Innovate Oxford University Press
Cheung, Chor-yung The Quest for Civil order: Politics, Rules and Individuality Imprint Academic
Ish-Shamol, Piki (ed.) Concepts at Work: On the Linguistic Infrastructure of World Politics University of Michigan Press
Kermani, Navid State of Emergency. Travels in a Troubled World. Polity
Kushnir, Ostap The Intermarium as the Polish-Ukranian Linchpin of Baltic-Black Sea Cooperation Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Laar, Mart   The Power of Freedon Unitas Foundation
Neurart, A. Robert Protected by Muslims During World War II  
Newman, Michael Transitional Justice Polity
Schweitzer, Glenn E. Containing Russia's Nuclear Firebirds: Harmony and Change at the International Science and Technology Center The University of Georgia Press
Siddi, Marco National Identities and Foreign Policy in the European Union ECPR Press
Sikkink, Kathryn Evidence for Hope. Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century Princeton University Press
Străuțiu, Eugen et al. (eds.) The Armed Conflict of the Dniester: Three Decades Later Peter Lang
Szulecki, Kacper Energy Security in Europe. Divergent Perceptions and Policy Challenges Palgrave Macmillan
Tohme, Hicham Russia's Geostrategic Outlook and the Syrian Crisis (PDF only) Academica Press