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2023 - Volume 17, Issue 4

Issue published: 14 December 2023
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Research Articles

  • Illia Ilin,Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Olena Nihmatova,Federation of Auditors, Accountants and Financiers of the Agro-Industrial Complex, Ukraine
Abstract The article conducts a corpus study of official reports and papers from the Strategic Studies Institutes of the United States, NATO, the European Union, Ukraine, and Russia up to and including 2014 to determine how Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine was represented and how postponed it proved...
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Abstract This article argues that NATO's current burden-sharing regime, which I term the proportional model of NATO burden-sharing and which obligates each NATO member to allocate at least 2 percent of its GDP to defence, is deeply flawed from a purely ethical standpoint. This is because the proportional...
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Thematic Section - Decolonising Central and Eastern Europe

Abstract This article discusses pre-existing studies of Euro-Orientalism (Orientalism directed at Eastern Europe), and advocates for further study of the inequal relationship between Europe's West and East. In this sense, this article should help to overview and advance the study this phenomenon. A...
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Abstract In a recent essay on the war in Ukraine in The Journal of Genocide Research, Maria Mälksoo argues that the ongoing war in Ukraine has become a ‘decolonising moment of sorts’ as Central and Eastern European states have started taking the ‘moral and practical lead’ in supporting Ukraine and thus...
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