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2020 - Volume 14, Issue 1

Issue published: 25 March 2020
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Research Articles

  • Jaroslava Bobková,University of Economics, Prague
Abstract What is the role of NGOs at the United Nations, and, by extension, in global governance? With limited possibilities to measure it directly, this article adopts discursive analysis as an innovative approach to the issue. Analysis of three texts by Global Policy Forum represents an important...
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  • Aleksey Pavlovich Anisimov, Kalmyk State University
  • Nina Vladimirovna Mirina,Department of Entrepreneurship and Consumer Market Development of the Directorate of Economic Development and Investments
  • Anatoliy Jakovlevich Ryzhenkov,Kalmyk State University
Abstract The article deals with theory and practice of ensuring food security in the Russian Federation in the context of the UN recommendations and achievements of legal thought of foreign countries. Food security is considered as a guarantee of sustainable development of agriculture located at...
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  • Nsemba Edward Lenshie,Taraba State University
Abstract Nigeria operates a multidimensional and complex system in which ethnicity and religion have found expression in a competitive environment to exclude other groups. This study aims to examine how ethnicity and religion underlie the hostility and violence in the economic relations between...
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  • Ehab Khalifa,Cairo University
Abstract Smart cities could help overcome traditional problems of big cities, such as pollution, traffic congestion and administrative corruption. They can stimulate economic productivity, accommodate population growth, and make lives more convenient, but at the same time, they raise many security threats...
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  • Mark Kleyman,Department of Philosophy of Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology
Abstract In the years lasting back to 2015 Europe has been faced with an unprecedented influx of migrants. In most cases they seek refuge from civil wars and dictatorships that devastate many countries across North Africa and the Middle East. As a consequence, migration is becoming an increasingly...
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  • Lucie Zimmermanová,Masaryk University, Brno
  • Zdeněk Kříž,Masaryk University, Brno
  • Eva Doleželová,Masaryk University, Brno
Abstract In recent years, Finland has closely cooperated with NATO and Finnish politicians emphasize that Finland may consider joining the Alliance at any point. However, this step is unlikely in the foreseeable future. Russia’s aggressive actions abroad disconcert Finland; as this article shows,...
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Book Reviews

Monica Duffy Toft: Securing the Peace: The Durable Settlement of Civil Wars
  • Jasmina Ameti,Metropolitan University Prague
‘Why do some civil wars end, and stay ended, while others reignite?’ This is the central question that Securing the Peace, by Monica Duffy Toft, poses. In addressing the question, the book discusses advantages and disadvantages of terminating a war by negotiated settlements, and absolute military victory...
Gerard Toal: Near Abroad: Putin, the West and the Contest over Ukraine and the Caucasus
  • Javadbay Khalilzada,Kent State University
It is unimaginable that in the 21st century a powerful country could invade a neighboring country and annex part of its territory simply because it does not like its neighbor’s politics. Though there have been some anti-terrorist and regime-change operations by powerful countries like the United States...