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2016 - Volume 10, Issue 1

Research Articles

  • Radka Druláková
  • Pavel Přikryl
Abstract: This study focuses on the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, two countries which do not carry out autonomous sanctions, but are, nevertheless, obliged to implement sanctions adopted by international organisations because of their membership commitments. The study explores the fulfilment...
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  • Kateřina Krulišová
Abstract: This work examines how the media representation of the female self-martyrs of Dagestan and Chechnya, often dubbed “Black Widows,” portrays them as irrational, hysterical and/or desperate. The replication of the “Chechen Black Widow” narrative, applied to any female self-martyr striking on Russian...
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  • Caterina Mazza
Abstract: Criminal infiltration in the legal economy – particularly public procurement and corruption – are among the most pronounced challenges facing European states. This work analyses the strategies and methods used by organised criminal groups to tamper with the procedures for the execution of public...
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  • Hedvika Koďousková
  • Martin Jirušek
Abstract: This article examines whether the Russian Eastern Energy Policy (EEP) corresponds to the widely shared perception that Russia uses energy resources as part of its domestic and foreign policy goals and to assess the role of Gazprom in Russia’s overall governmental strategy. For this purpose,...
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  • Samuel Goda
  • Jaroslav Ušiak
ABSTRACT: This work examines security threats as perceived by the independent Slovak Republic based on the analysis of official state security documents and offers a reflection of the evolution of the security environment and how the Slovak Republic has confronted these. The conducted research led to...
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  • Miloš Balabán
ABSTRACT: This article assesses the current state of European security and its future prospects against the backdrop of several key processes: the rising political and economic power of non-western actors, US and European economic problems, the dynamic of the changing security environment and threats—especially...
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