The phenomenon of radicalism is still an interesting issue for both national and international politic scholars. Considering the improvement of technology and globalisation, the radical groups are adjusting their movement, they abandon traditional methods and go for more modern ones. The radicalisation process, through online media and radical narration, is highly effective to influence and recruit the youth. This paper aims to analyse the method to fight against the narration with the unit of Peace Generation Indonesia. The method used in this paper is a qualitative descriptive method since the study aims to describe and analyse the Peace Generation strategy in tackling radicalism among Indonesian youth. The theory used in analysing the problems of this study is the Counter Narrative theory by Zeiger (2016). This theory states that to formulate an effective counter narrative strategy must cover nine steps. The results of this study indicate that Peace Generation Indonesia has succeeded to execute counter-narrative strategy effectively.


Keywords: strategy, counter narrative, radicalism, peace generation, Indonesia.