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ABSTRACTGhana is among the largest military contributors to UN Peacekeeping Missions (PKM). Irrespective of Ghana’s considerably smaller population size, armed forces capabilities and state budget than other contributing states such as India and Nigeria, Ghana has been substantially involved in most of UN PKM from the very beginning of its independent statehood. This article identifies some reasons for this participation. We apply a rational choice theory and public goods approach to frame three hypotheses. Subsequently, we test the hypotheses using data of the UN and Ghana Government, and also data from interviews with Ghana Army representatives. We conclude that there are at least two significant motivations for the Ghana’s participation in PKM, namely: financial benefits and regional security concerns.

Keywords: UN, Ghana, peace-keeping mission, rational choice theory, security

This article was supported by a Specific Research Grant of the Philosophical Faculty 2013, University of Hradec Králové.