This research aims to analyse the pollution of plastic waste that poses a threat to environmental security and alternative conflict resolution that can be carried out by various actors. Researchers also tried to address the response of international actors, both countries and international organisations to the pollution of plastic waste. The concept used in this research is environmental security as a non-traditional security concept that develops both as a concept and issue in International Relations and the concept of conflict resolution as a theoretical effort to provide alternatives for solving problems for pollution arising from plastic waste. Researchers interpret and analyse data using a qualitative research perspective. Plastic is the most widely used material in human life. However, along with its development, the use of plastic is considered too excessive. Plastics are much in demand by the public as well as manufacturers because the price is cheaper, easily formed and durable. However, increasing plastic production every year is considered a long-term threat to humans and can cause global conflicts. Responding to the issue of environmental security threats, international organisations such as the United Nations have declared war on plastic waste that damages the environment. Based on the results of data analysis, researchers found that the problem of plastic waste has entered the problem of environmental security threats globally so that solutions are needed involving a variety of actors, both state and organisational actors. 


Keywords: environmental security, conflict resolution, country, international organisation, plastic waste.