The border is an unattached part of the Republic of Indonesia which must be maintained at all costs. The concept that must be made in the view of the border is to make the border area as a region that becomes the front porch for the nation of Indonesia. The border as a territory that must be run and used as the main grip in the security area. Various security problems will occur if we watch security is so important because it would endanger national security if you see the border area of ​​the eyes. If we do not see the border well, then there will be many security issues in the border area such as crime and other security problems. This article looks at security issues that the occur in border areas such as border areas in Kalimantan bordering neighboring countries. What we want to see is how to manage border areas with defense and security in the Kalimantan border region.


Junardi Harahap is affiliated to the Department of Anthropology, Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia.