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2024 - Volume 18, Issue 2

Research Articles

Abstract International systems of three great powers, tripolar systems, remain an understudied topic. In this article, I make three claims about tripolarity. First, it is more warlike than either bipolarity or multipolarity. Second, the two weaker poles of a tripolar system usually ally against the...
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  • Mahmoud Hosh,Damascus University, Syria
  • Numeir Issa,Damascus University, Syria
Abstract Realists argue that security alliances are established to confront military threats posed by one state to others. In contrast, this study argues that nonmilitary cyberthreats have become a factor in establishing new security arrangements that do not necessarily take the form of an alliance,...
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Abstract This article examines Serbia’s positioning in the East-West axis during the post-Cold War era. This is a specific example of the ‘third way’ in twenty-first century geopolitical behaviour. The small country remains non-aligned within the existing alliances of the East and the West, trying to...
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Book Reviews

  • Eleni Kapsokoli,University of Piraeus, Greece
LITSAS, N. Spyridon. Smart Instead of Small in International Relations Theory. Switzerland: Springer, 2023. ISBN: 9783031446368 (e-book).   Small states have attracted the attention of researchers for decades. Historians and political scientists have analysed small states within the context of...
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