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2023 - Volume 17, Issue 1

Issue published: 13 March 2023
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Research Articles

Abstract The cities of the Global South have been predominantly approached as dual cities being embedded within the formal/informal dichotomy. This article provides an analysis of the power dynamics of formal and informal, using an example of public space in two informal settlements: Kibera in Nairobi,...
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Abstract This paper argues that the divides in Iran’s nuclear behaviour between the three periods of 2005-2012, 2012-2016 and 2016-2021 are reflections of the varying modes of Iran’s cognising the value of the nuclear program versus its costs. The predominant belief in the first period that Iran is...
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Abstract The elimination of stockpiled weaponry constitutes a key step in arms control and disarmament processes, lending permanence and irreversibility to arms reductions. Yet it has proven challenging in practice. The destruction of advanced weapon components, like lethal chemical agents and the fissile...
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Book Reviews

Publisher web: Springer
  • Pavlína Soukupová,Metropolitan University Prague
The waves of the migration crisis struck Europe around 2015 and opened many questions about the Schengen area, its control and its very functioning. Borders in Central Europe After the Schengen Agreement states in its introduction that one of its goals is to connect with this period when the Schengen...
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