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By Nikol Chumova

Organised Crime and Terrorism: The Overlooked Links

The cost in Libya: bodies strewn and decaying under the burning sun.  This is what lost hope smells like, we may assume. There’s no wind to blow the stench away, and so the people are getting used to it. What’s worse—it’s making them try to flee. Again.There are no second tries though.Media headlines highlight sunken ships that either made it close enough to Europe to be worth a mention or were carrying great numbers and so make for a riveting story. Meanwhile the fates of the people who had to…

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Editors desk

By Mitchell Belfer

Understanding Azerbaijan’s Geopolitical Perceptions

IntroductionAzerbaijan’s geopolitical situation largely determines its strategic priorities and presents solutions. This policy analysis suggests that there are three ways for Azerbaijan (and the other Caucasus states) to overcome its geopolitical situation, through: hegemony, neutrality or alliance. However, of the three, only alliance with exogenous powers, such as the GCC and its members, could assist Azerbaijan survive in its own region; by out-flanking its more aggressive rivals and…

Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Book review

By Teodora-Maria Daghie, University of Bucharest

Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Human rights are considered universal, meaning that they should be applied regardless of any borders, ethnicity, skin colour, sex, language, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion or social status (etc). They also state that all people are born free and equal in dignity and have equal rights. At the global level we have achieved a Universal Declaration of Human Rights and various UN conventions, including those dealing with genocide, discrimination and gender rights. Freeman’s work…

2015 - Volume 9, Issue 1