Matteo Tacconi

The Italian Ally In The V4 Gas Security Battle

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has aggressively challenged Angela Merkel’s European Economic policy. Flexibility, banking union, and Eurozone governance are the main friction points between the two leaders. Renzi claims that Europe has to cease its austerity period and focus on growth. While Merkel continues to believe that budgetary discipline is still key to recovery, her stance is increasingly less firm. Among the instruments Renzi is using to influence this disagreement, the Nord…


Birol Akgün

Turkey's Loaded Discussion On System Change: Presidentialism Vs. Parliamentarism

Turkey is currently embroiled in a heated domestic debate about transitioning from a parliamentary system to a presidential system.There are deep divisions among both Turkey’s political class and different segments of society about the proposed political system and constitutional change. In this article, the author lays out the reasons behind the AK Party’s push for establishing an executive presidency, the opposition parties’ positions vis-a-vis this change, and the different dimensions of the…

2016 - Volume 10, Issue 2