Issue 2013 - Volume 7, Issue 1

Kosovo flag on the brick wall

Issue 7:1

Vjosa Musliu

Agenda Setting of the EU mission in Kosovo – A constructivist read

ABSTRACT: The EU’s paradigmatic conceptual relationship to Kosovo is based on a post-conflict agenda, which seeks the development of a sustainable democracy. According to Laidi, a democracy building agenda in the Balkans gives the EU great leverage and accountability on nation state building. Yet, the EU’s mission agenda to Kosovo is racked with ‘internal’ or ’conceptual’ incoherencies between the EU’s discourse (re: EU promotion) and its implementation (in terms of funding and financial…

Members of the German parliament, the "Bundestag" during an assembly in the Reichstags building. 20/1/2005 Berlin.

Issue 7:1

Viera Knutelská

National Parliaments in the Council: Parliamentary Scrutiny Reserves

ABSTRACT: This research compares the activity of different groups of national parliaments in European decision-making as reflected by the use of parliamentary scrutiny reservations by Member States in the Council. It aims to contribute to the comparative literature on national parliamentary scrutiny systems of European Affairs by using data that reflect everyday practices and offer new insight on level and timing of activity of national parliaments. It shows that while there are no substantial…

Modern wireless technology and social media illustration

Issue 7:1

Kateřina Čmakalová

The Europeanisation of Political Communication: Framing the Online Communication of French Political Parties

ABSTRACT: The aim of this article is to examine the process of online Europeanisation of political communication, both theoretically and through empirical analysis. On one hand, the text emphasises the relationship between the public sphere and the legitimacy of the EU and examines different concepts of the public sphere on a European level. On the other hand, it touches on the significance of the World Wide Web, a relatively new medium, and its propagation to a pan-European public arena.…

Palace of the Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului), Bucharest, Romania. Palace is the world's largest civilian building with an administrative function and heaviest building.

Issue 7:1

Roxana Radu

After a Violent Revolution: Romanian Democratisation in the Early 1990s

ABSTRACT: The 2011 uprisings in the Middle East have frequently been compared with the revolutions of 1989 in Central and Eastern Europe. The prospects of the first free elections in countries such as Egypt and Libya gave rise to concerns over the extent to which the regime change can be equated with the pursuit of a democratisation path, in particular in the absence of a strong socio-economic integration programme at the regional level. Drawing on a social constructivist perspective, I present…

Map of Middle East

Issue 7:1

Martina Ponížilová

The Regional Policy and Power Capabilities of Jordan as a Small State

ABSTRACT: This article deals with the foreign policy activities of Jordan as a small state with a special focus on the Middle Eastern region. The article explores the impacts of Jordan´s “smallness,” its lack of power capabilities in terms of foreign policy, and its relations with other states in the Middle East as well as with extra-regional powers such as the United States. It also focuses on Jordan’s behaviour both within regional organisations, during regional conflicts, and its economic…

The khmer temple Ta Moan Thom (or Tha Muang Thom) hidden in the jungle directly at the Thai-Cambodian borderline. The temple area at this site is part of repeated conflicts between both countries.

Issue 7:1

Deniz Kocak

Insurgencies, Border Clashes, and the Security Dilemma: Unresolved Problems for ASEAN

ABSTRACT: The decision to deepen ASEAN cooperation by creating the ASEAN Community and particularly the concept of ASEAN as a Security Community has been debated heavily among academics. As no large scale war has occurred between the member states since the founding of ASEAN in 1967 it is reasonable to ask if the institutionalisation of a Security Community was not long overdue. Furthermore, the official proclamation of ASEAN as a Security Community should lead to the expectation that ASEAN is…

Oil pump in the orange sunset, taken in the luanhe river south excrementum bombycis mouth, in the north of China

Issue 7:1

Sigfrido Burgos Cáceres

Understanding China’s Global Search for Energy and Resources

ABSTRACT: The need for massive amounts of energy sources, raw materials, and natural resources is, in part, driving Beijing’s defense, energy, and foreign policies. The dynamic economic growth rates experienced over the past twenty years, coupled with increased manufacturing levels, rising exports of low-cost goods, rapid urbanisation, and higher demands for air travel and land transport, among other things, are increasing China’s appetite for crude oil, natural gas, timber, and critical…

Chief of the Army Staff, Gen.Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, in meeting with China Ambassador, Liu Jain at General Headquarters on November 01, 2010 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Issue 7:1

Prem Mahadevan

A Meeting of Minds: Sino-Pakistani Military Relations

ABSTRACT: This paper examines defence cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It suggests that both countries have a strong convergence of security perspectives which encourages continued close ties. However, along with such ties comes the risk of an authoritarian consensus among militant nationalists within these countries. With the United States now being viewed as a declining power by sections of Pakistani society, Beijing has gained…

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