Issue 2011 - Volume 5, Issue 2

Walmart Supercentre sign on July 24, 2013 in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Walmart is the world's third largest public corporation that runs chains of department stores.

Issue 5:2

Radana Makariusová

The Dark And Bright Sides Of Non-State Actors: An Evaluation

Abstract: Non-state actors occupy an irreplaceable position in the current global system. Over the past decades they have become so influential that any analysis of international relations is impossible without their characterisation. This article advances a controversial hypothesis that the existence of global civil society and the structure of global governance inadvertently supports the participation of “unsocial” nonstate actors. This article endeavours answer whether the international…

BRIC Countries Buttons Brazil Russia India China

Issue 5:2

Dean Carroll

Reshaping Europe In A Multipolar World: Can The EU Rise To The Challenge?

Abstract: Globalisation and the emergence of economic players such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) have led to predictions that US hegemony will quickly decline as a new world order emerges. With the European Union (EU) also facing a downgrading of its own status – as economic, political and cultural power shifts from west to east – now is the time to ensure the Union has a strategy in place to remain an influential global actor despite its lack of natural resources and member state…

Political issues series: 'Yes to the EU' concept, with EU lettering. Photo realistic, with space for your text / editorial overlay

Issue 5:2

Tomáš Rohrbacher and Martina Jeníčková

Is The EU Attractive?

Abstract: This article introduces the EU as an attractive actor. It aspires to classify approaches shaping the current debate about various aspects of the EU’s relations towards other international actors (Europeanisation, soft power, civilian power or normative power) and derives two dimensions of attractiveness: 1) attractiveness leading to issue adoption and 2) attractiveness leading to the adoption of these issues on various levels and combination of these. This scheme is applied on EU…

Biofuel.The metal canister on which grows a grass. Concept of ecological fuel

Issue 5:2

Yossi Mann

The Potential Of Poland's Bio-Petrol

Abstract: The aspiration to promote the bio-petrol industry is an attempt to provide a solution for some of the problems the European Union countries share, such as the decreasing importance of peripheral areas, the need to diversify energy sources and the commitment to the Kyoto Protocol. Once Poland joined the EU in 2004, it became committed to adopting the organisation’s decisions regarding the bio-petrol industry and to keep up with EU production objectives. An analysis of the factors that…

France and EU

Issue 5:2

Miron Lakomy

French Foreign Policy And The EU's CFSP

Abstract: This article examines some of the main phases of French activities within framework of the EU´s Common Foreign and Security Policy. Since the end of the Cold War the Fifth Republic has become obsessed with strengthening European political and military importance around the world. This was caused not only by the collapse of the bipolar world order, but also by France’s clear ambition to regain its global power status. In the twenty-first century, Paris was a main architect of the CFSP,…

Mixed USA and Russia flag, three dimensional render, illustration

Issue 5:2

Shavkat Kasymov

Statism In Russia: Implications For US-Russian Relations

Abstract: This work identifies and assesses the general shift in Russian foreign policy thinking during Vladimir Putin’s presidency. The main thesis of this work is that a general shift in Russian foreign policy had occurred during Putin’s presidency owing to the rise in Statist thinking. To substantiate the thesis, the author uses the State of the Nation addresses of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin to make a comparative analysis of the presidents’ foreign policy approaches. As demonstrated,…

Earth with chain.

Issue 5:2

Nelli Babayan and Stefano Braghiroli

Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo? Assessing Imperialist Aspirations Of The EU, Russia & The US

Abstract: After the Cold War, three substantially different powers have emerged in international politics. While the United States has already established itself as a key international leader, though is attempting to limit an imperialist label, the EU and Russia struggled throughout the 1990s over their somewhat fuzzy and multiple identities. However, around 2000 the latter two began to have more distinct international images. While Putin made a concerted effort to reacquire Russian influence,…

Czech politician David Rath (in the middle) guided by the prison service to court, Prague, Czech republic, August 14, 2013. Rath is accused of corruption.

Issue 5:2

Nicole Gallina

Informality Reigns The Country: The Case Of The Czech Republic

Criminal networks have infiltrated the Czech justice system. Czech Security Information Services BIS, 2007 Abstract: This work focuses on informal politics for the political elite level in the Czech Republic and proposes an actor-based view. It considers the relationship between formal and informal structures and the functions of informality. I analyse areas highly affected by informality: the justice system and anti-corruption agencies as well as state ministries and state monopolies…

World Wide Web - Internet

Issue 5:2

Stuart Coffey

The Case For The Creation Of A ‘Global FBI’

Abstract: Global society is in need of the same law-enforcement development as with the introduction of the FBI in the US in 1908; to introduce another layer of expertise and specialism to deal with transnational criminals and international terrorism and to bring the rule of law to the whole of global society. The ICC suffers from a lack of jurisdiction over serious organised crimes and also from the lack of an agency with the powers to refer cases to it, similar to the link between the FBI and…

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