Nsemba Edward Lenshie


Mr. Lenshie is affiliated with the Taraba State University where he is a lecturer at the Department of Political Science and International Relationships.


Democratic studies in Africa, ethnicity, religion and related identity politics, gender studies, cross-border relations and migration, security and conflict studies, and indigeneity and citizenship studies.

Recent publications

Johnson Agbo, Uchechukwu & Lenshie, Nsemba & Rafiu Boye, Raji. (2018). West Africa: From Peacekeeping to Peace Enforcement. ECOWAS and the Regulations of Regional Security. Conflict Studies Quarterly. 18-35. 10.24193/csq.22.2.

Lenshie, Nsemba. (2018). Political economy of ungoverned space and crude oil security challenges in Nigeria's Niger Delta. Central European Journal of International and Security Studies. 12. 32-58.

Uchechukwu Johnson, Agbo & Lenshie, Nsemba. (2017). Between the state and intellectuals: Dialectics of the struggles for academic freedom in Africa. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Studies. Volume 3. 361-374.


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2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2