Mohsin Hashim

Dr. Hashim is a Professor of Political Science at the Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. 

Areas of specialisation

Post-Soviet Russian and East European politics, International Security and South Asia. 

Recent publications

Hashim, S. Mohsin. 2017. “Putin’s High-Modernism and its Limits - Assessing the Sources of State Incapacity in Russia” in Communist and Post-Communist Studies. Vol. 50, Issue 3: 195-205
Gambino, Giacomo & S. Mohsin Hashim. 2016. “In Their Own Words: Assessing Global Citizenship in a Short-Term Study Abroad Program in Bangladesh” in Journal of Political Science Education. Volume 12, Issue 1: 15-29
Hashim, S. Mohsin. 2010. “Power Loss or Power Transition? Assessing the Limits of Using the Energy Sector in Reviving Russia’s Geopolitical Stature” in Communist and Post-Communist Studies. Vol. 43, Issue 3: 263-274


2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2