Mils Hills


Dr. Hills is affiliated with University of Northampton Business School, the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance and Warwick University. 

Areas of Specialization:

Social Anthropology, Information Warfare/Information Operations, Open Source Intelligence Exploitation, Cyber-Warfare, Targeting and Defending Decision-Makers, Scenario-Planning and Scenario-Testing for Policy, Operational and Strategic Decision-Takers 

Recent Publications:

Mils Hills and A. Anjali (2017), ‘A Human Factors Contribution to Countering Insider Threats: Practical Prospects from a Novel Approach to Warning & Avoiding,’ Security Journal 30(1), pp. 142-152.
Mils Hills (2017), ‘Always on Guard: How a Corporate Immune System can Engage Full-Spectrum Risks- A Conceptual Framework to Reengineer Organizational Capability and Culture,’ in N. Bajgoric (ed.) Always-On Enterprise Information Systems for Modern Organizations, London: IGI Global, pp. 41-59.
Mils Hills (2017), ‘Communicating Risk,’ POSTnote 564, pp. 1-7.
Mils Hills (2017), ‘Full Spectrum Threats- Why Organizational Culture (and its Micro-Cultures) are Critical to the Success or Failure of Organizational Resilience,’ in M. Boskovic (ed.) Security Risks: Assessment, Management and Current Challenges, New York: Nova Science Publishers.

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2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2