Marek Neuman


Dr. Neuman is affiliated with the University of Groningen, Netherlands. 

Areas of Specialization:

European Integration, EU Foreign Policy, Central and Eastern European Countries 

Recent Publications:

Marek Neuman (2017), ‘Prague on a Mission: Emphasizing Democracy Promotion with EU Foreign Policy,’ in T. Hashimoto and M. Rhimes (eds.) Reviewing the European Union Accession: Unexpected Results, Spillover Effects, and Externalities, Boston: Brill, pp. 225-242.
Marek Neuman (2017), ‘The Visegrád Group as a Vehicle for Promoting National Interests in the European Union: The Case of the Czech Republic,’ Politics in Central Europe 13(1), pp. 55-67.
Marek Neuman (2017), ‘It Takes Two to Tango: Socialization in CFSP Working Groups in the Case of the Czech Republic,’ in G. Clemens (ed.) The Quest for Europeanization: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on a Multiple Process, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, pp. 117-132.
Marek Neuman (2015), Too Small to Make an Impact? The Czech Republic’s Influence on the European Union’s Foreign Policy, Frankfurt am Main: PIE- Peter Lang.
Marek Neuman (2014), ‘Review of ‘Culture and Foreign Policy: The Neglected Factor in International Relations’ By Howard J. Wiarda,’ Central European Journal of International and Security Studies 8(1), pp. 140-142.

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