Marat Terterov


Dr. Terterov is affiliated with the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels, the European Geopolitical Forum in Burssels, Energy Charter, and the Brussels Energy Club. He is also affiliated with the Gulf Research Centre in Dubai, Brussels School of International Studies and University of Kent in Brussels. 

Areas of Specialization:

Contemporary International Relations of Eurasia and the Broader Middle Eastern Neighborhood, Comparative Politics of Eurasia, Russia and the Gulf, Public Policy and Political Economy in the Middle East and former-Soviet Union (focusing on Energy Policy, Energy Security and Consumer-Producer Dialogue), Privatization and Investment, Comparative Economic Transition, and Diplomacy and Conflict in the Middle East and Eurasia (focusing on Islam and Domestic Politics, Civil-Military Relations, Ethnic Violence and Sectarianism, and Conflict and Natural Resources) 

Recent Publications:

Marat Terterov (2017), ‘The Energy Charter as a Framework for Intergovernmental Cooperation in the Energy Markets of the South Caucasus States,’ in Meliha Altunisik and Oktay Tanrisever (eds.) The South Caucasus- Security, Energy and Europeanization, London: Routledge. 

Marat Terterov and Claudia Nocente (2015), ‘The Question of ‘Security’ of Middle East Oil Supply Revisited: Domestic Crisis in Middle Eastern and North African Oil Producer and its Impact on International Markets- The Case of Libya,’ in Andrei V. Belyi and Kim Talus (eds.) States and Markets in Hydrocarbon Sectors, London: Palgrave Macmillan. 

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2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2