Ladislav Cabada


Dr. Cabada is affiliated with Metropolitan University Prague where he teaches, serves as Vice-Rector for Research and Creative Activities, and is the Editor in Chief of the journal Politics in Central Europe. He is also affiliated with University of West Bohemia and the Central European Political Science Association where he is serves as the President.  

Areas of Specialization:

Comparative Politics of East Central Europe, Regionalism and Development Studies, Europeanisation, Euroscepticism and Political Anthropology. 

Recent Publications:

Ladislav Cabada (2017), ‘Democracy in East-Central Europe: Consolidated, Semi-Consolidated, Hybrid, Illiberal or Other?’ Politics in Central Europe, 13(2-3), pp. 75-87.
Ladislav Cabada and Ch. Walsh (2017), Od Dunajské federace k Viegrádu ... a zpět. Staré a nové formáty středoevropské spolupráce [From Danubian Federation Towards the Visegrad Group… and Back. Old and New Central European Cooperation Formats], Prague: LIBRI and MUP Press.
Ladislav Cabada and Š. Waisova (2016), ‘ ‘Branding the Czech Republic.’ Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding as Instrumnets of Foreign Policy.’ Przegļad Europejski, 39(1), pp. 84-106.
Ladislav Cabada and H. Hlaváčková (2016), Zahraniční politika Slovinska [Foreign Policy of the Republic of Slovenia], Prague: LIBRI and MUP Press.

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2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2