Karel B. Müller


Doc. Müller is affiliated with the University of Economics in Prague as Head of the Department of Political Science. Doc. Müller is also affiliated with New York University in Prague and Metropolitan University Prague. 

Areas of Specialization:

Civil Society, Democracy, Public Sphere, Political Culture, Lobbying, European Identity 

Recent Publications:

Karel B. Müller (2016), Czechs, Civil Society and European Challenges. Between Nationalism and Liberalism or From Ethnic Exclusion to the Active Border, Praha: Stanislav Juhaňák.
Karel B. Müller (2016), ‘Discursive Culture and its Challenges for the Czech Senate,’ in Twenty Years of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in Context, Prague: Leges Publishing House, pp. 261-275.
Kamil Fleissner and Karel B. Müller (2016), ‘Radniční listy jako hlásné politické trubky? Local periodicals as indicators of local democratization [Council Newspapers as Mouthpieces of Politicians? Council Newspapers as an Indicator of Democratization at Municipal Level],’ Media Studies (1), pp. 113-139, available here.
Karel B. Müller (2016), ‘What Institution? We are Just Decent People! Causes, Consequences and Solutions of Mistrust in the Representative Boards in the Czech Republic,’ Czech Political Science Review 22(1), pp. 5-39, available here.

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2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2