Jan Prouza


Dr. Jan Prouza is affiliated with the University of Hradec Králové as the Head of the Department of Politics and an Assistant Professor.


Sub-Saharan Africa (Intrastate Conflicts, Political Systems, International Relations)

Recent publications

Strmiska, Maxmilián and Prouza, Jan. „Turning to History, Appraising Diversity, and Recasting Democratization Studies: Some Proposals.” Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe 25, No. 2, 2018, p. 255–270.

Fiala, Vlastimil, Prouza, Jan a Skalník, Petr. Politické stranictví v západní Africe (Sierra Leone, Kamerun a Burkina Faso). Hradec Králové: Oftis,  2016.

Ezemenaka, Emeka, Kingsley and Prouza, Jan. „Biafra’s Resurgence: State Failure, Insecurity and Separatist Agitations in Nigeria.“ Central European Journal of International and Security Studies 10, No. 3., 2017, 157–177.  

Further information available here and here.

2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2