Issue 2014 - Volume 8, Issue 1

Mavi Marmara in port Istanbul; Topkapi Palace and harbor seen from above. Image ID: 73200640

Issue 8:1

Gabriela Özel Volfová

Changes in Turkish-Israeli Relations and Implications for Regional Security Environment

ABSTRACT: This work looks at how changes to global, regional and national political landscapes played a role in shaping Turkish-Israeli relations and how this, in turn, affected regional security and development in the Middle East. Specifically, I illustrate how Turkish political actors from the Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKP) have responded to structural changes taking place in the Middle East, a region that has witnessed a decrease in US hegemony and a major political reshuffle…

All EU members flags in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. ID: 179573879

Issue 8:1

Karel Müller

European Civil Society’s Conundrum: Public Spheres, Identities and the Challenge of Politicisation

ABSTRACT: This work draws upon the novel theoretical framework of European civil society which is based on the complementary concept of civil society. It claims that relations between the Europeanised public spheres, political identities and the politicisation of the EU present an intricate and crucial conundrum of the European civil society. While applying such a theoretical framework this work interprets the Europeanisation of identities, public spheres and national polities as mutually…

Restored area of Abanotubani in the Old Town in Tbilisi, Georgia. The area is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. ID: 180172868

Issue 8:1

Natia Mestvirishvili and Maia Mestvirishvili

‘I am Georgian and therefore I am European:’ Re-searching the Europeanness of Georgia

ABSTRACT: ‘I am Georgian and therefore I am European.’ These words spoken by the late Georgian Prime Minister, Zurab Zhvania, in front of the Council of Europe in 1999. During the speech, he expressed Georgia’s EU aspirations and outlined the country’s foreign policy agenda for the next decade. Since the Rose Revolution (2003), Georgia has significantly deepened its ties to the EU. A number of foreign policy achievements such as the European Neighbourhood Policy, the Eastern Partnership and the…

Kosovo flag waving on the wind, ID: 161156288

Issue 8:1

Vjosa Musliu and Shkëndije Geci

Deconstructing and Defining EULEX

ABSTRACT: Hailed as the greatest European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) mission to date, the European Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) has been oscillating between fulfilling its mission statement crafted in Brussels, while managing the controversial ethnic expectations of the local population in Kosovo. Because of its imposed “status neutral,” in its three years of deployment in Kosovo, EULEX is considered to have been preoccupied with keeping a low profile, remaining invisible and…

Mosque, ID: 168886922

Issue 8:1

Unislawa Williams

The Fading Halo of Religious Elites: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Religious Motivation on Nonviolence and Democratic Stability in Poland and Egypt

ABSTRACT: Why has the democratic transition in Egypt stalled? The nonviolent nature of successful uprisings may be an important cause of the subsequent religious radicalisation and volatility of the new regimes. Nonviolent opposition can attract, and be sustained by, the involvement of religious elites. While such involvement can enhance the viability of a movement, it also builds the political capital of the religious elites, who can then influence the politics of the new regime. This is not a…

Arab men on the waterfront.

Issue 8:1

Mahmood Abdulghaffar

Clientelism within Arabian Gulf States and Beyond: A Comparative Study

ABSTRACT: Clientelism is a widespread phenomenon, often resulting from preexisting socioeconomic conditions such as inequalities, government dominance over the economy, and deficiencies in political institutions. State formation ushered vote buying into clientelistic behaviour and reinforced brokerage systems. This work synthesises the existing literature to examine theoretical aspects of clientelism and its applications in four regions, while providing comparative frameworks. A key conclusion…

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