George Katete


Dr. Katete is affiliated with the University of Nairobi.


International Relations, Conflict Management in Africa, Conflict, Peace Keeping and Peace building; Regional Cooperation and Conflict; Military in Politics in a Selected Region; States, War and Peace In International Politics; Patterns of Cooperation and Conflict; Foreign Policy Analysis, International Organizations.

Recent publications

Katete, George. The Limitations of External Interventions in Sudan: until Separation of South Sudan in 2011. Saarbrucken: Lap Lambert Publishers, 2013. Pgs. 1-328. Diss 2012. Bremen.

Katete, George. Report on Fifty Years of Democratization and Peace-building in Eastern Africa. Addis Ababa: Report commissioned by AU and UNDP in Addis Ababa in celebration of OAU/AU fifty year’s existence, 2013.

Katete, George. The Place of Spoilers in Peace Processes in Sudan. In: African journal of Political Science and International Relations, 6 (8), 2012, 167–180. 

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2020 - Volume 14 Issue 1