Efraim Inbar


Dr. Inbar is affiliated with Bar Ilan University and the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies where he is the President. 

Areas of Specialization:

Strategic Security, Israel, Public Opinion on National Security Issues, Nuclear Matters, United States Middle East Policy, United States-Israel Relations, Israel-Palestinian Diplomacy and Israel-Turkey Relations 

Recent Publications:

Efraim Inbar (2017), ‘Israel and India: Looking Back and Ahead,’ Strategic Analysis, 41.
Efraim Inbar (2017), ‘The Six Day War: Israel’s Costs v. Its Benefits,’ Middle East Quarterly.
Efraim Inbar and Jonathan Rynhold (eds.) (2016), US Foreign Policy and Global Standing in the 21st Century, London: Routledge.
Efraim Inbar and Eitan Shamir (2016), ‘The Israeli Experience in COIN,’ in DBG Heuser and Eitan Shamir (eds.) National Styles in Insurgencies and COIN, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2