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Mitchell A. Belfer

Letter from the Editor

CEJISS Has Become A Quarterly Journal!

It is a great pleasure to inform you that this year, 2012, CEJISS will begin the production of a fourth issue making it the first Quarterly international relations and security journal, in English, in Central Europe. As a result of this development our new publication schedule (as of issue 6:3, September 2012) is set at:

15 March
15 June
15 September
15 December

In keeping with our ideological persuasion that the flow of information must never be hindered, I am also pleased to reiterate our pledge that all our services – Peer-Reviewed Academic Research, eContributions, Russian and Czech Language Newspapers, Book Reviews – remain 100% free in electronic and hard-copy (while supplies last) formats. In short, CEJISS is committed to Open Access / Open Source information! Since our hard-copy volumes are (relatively) limited, if you are interested in receiving them, even archived issues, please write us at: info@cejiss.org and provide us with your full name, affiliation and postal address.

If you are interested in contributing a research article or a book review for an up-coming issue, please note that CEJISS maintains a running submission scheme so you may submit at any time though publication times depend on the length of the peer-review process (typically between 4-12 weeks). Visit us at: http://cejiss.org/guidelines for more details on how to submit your work.

Your feedback is always welcome and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With regards from Prague,

Mitchell A. Belfer

Founder and Editor in Chief

Central European Journal of
International & Security Studies

2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2