On the Brink? Assessing the US Election, 2016


Iuliia Shirinkina

On the Brink? Assessing the US Election, 2016

While the presidential elections in the US are approaching to its final stage, more information is being published about the two candidates. The large amounts of personal information or facts that have not been considered significant in the past are now being revealed and spread around by numerous media outlets. As the campaigning is nearing its end any significant fact may change the voters’ opinions on candidates by emphasizing the flaws in their political campaigns, previous careers and private life.

One of the most discussed topics is a possible connection between the presidential candidate Donald Trump and the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Trump and his family has a long history of connections with Russia. However, he has made numerous attempts to deny his connections with Moscow, president Putin, and Russian businesses allegedly helping him to finance his presidential campaign. Despite all this, there is a strong evidence that Trump has been receiving funds originating from Russia for years.

Trump first visited Moscow in 1987 with an intention of building a Trump Tower or a hotel in cooperation with then-Soviet government. It took him several visits to the Russian capital to develop this project and plan out the construction, but it has never been built. The years of 2007 and 2013 are remembered for Trump trying to join large construction projects in Russia. Some of them have failed, and the others were on hold.

Trump is also known for getting indirect payments from Russian businessmen. This fact can be proven by him bringing the Miss Universe to Moscow in 2013. The event was co-financed by famous businessmen and Putin’s ally Aras Agalarov. After the event Trump got a chance to discuss future deals with Russian oligarchs. Moreover, according to Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., Russian investments make a large portion of assets belonging to his family.

There are many reasons why the story of Trump’s interaction with Putin has been brought up and described in greater detail. Apparently, the idea behind accusing Trump of having connections with the Russian president is aimed to reach out to the part of American audience that shares anti-Russian attitudes. Thus, bringing up information on Trump’s dealings with Russia can be considered a strong move to discourage his potential voters who may disagree with the Putin’s regime.

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